Offline Marketing Tips: How to Promote Your Art Locally

Although the internet is a vast and powerful marketing tool, marketing artwork offline is still a fantastic way to generate more sales, build your brand and grow your business.  

There are so many different opportunities out there that you can take advantage of if you create a good plan and apply a little imagination!  

Offline marketing is certainly a lot more people orientated, so you’re going to have to turn up the charm to make the contacts and deals that will help you to make your mark in the offline marketing world. 

To help you get some inspiration for how you can market your artwork offline and network with the right people, we’ve created this list of some of the different offline marketing strategies that you can try. 

offline marketing outdoor wall art

Where to market artwork offline 

Marketing artwork at events 

There are over 2 million people working within the creative industry*. The sector is now worth over £100 billion to the UK economy and is still growing!* 

One of the other UK industries that is on the rise is the events industry!

More people than ever are seeking out experiences for work, learning or even just a bit of fun.

This also means that there are more opportunities to get out there, get recognized and sell your artwork.  

Events that artists can capitalize on include Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Charity events!

All of the above allow you the chance to sell your artwork, however, you have to keep in mind that any organization that you work with is either going to charge you for being there, or will want a cut of the profit that you make on the day.  

art marketing to local events

You also need to keep in mind that there is no point trying to sell your work to an audience that has no interest in it, so you need to choose the right events to attend.

For example, an artist that likes to paint trains could do any of the following: 

  • Trade shows: Train enthusiast events, model train interest groups 
  • Exhibitions: Historic rail expo’s  
  • Charity events: Railway safety events 

The more relevant your work is to the event or topic, the more likely you are to be able to make sales.  

“Have items at different price points for people that like your stuff but have limited wall space like a postcard or small print. Also smaller trade fairs will be cheaper to exhibit. Also try have special pricing to make people buy on the day and not go to your site. ” – Patrick Redmond, Your Art Empire

Marketing artwork at Galleries 

As an artist you will have visited many galleries to get inspiration for your own work and envisioned your own creations hanging on those walls.

Galleries used to be exclusive clubs for well-known artists, but now they are more accessible to everyone, so why not ask around and see if anywhere is willing to display your work? 

Some galleries will even allow you to pay to display your artwork for a set amount of time, so speak to the facilities in your area and see what opportunities await you.  

Building brand awareness through Schools 

Creating an art workshop in local schools is a great way to do your bit to get young people involved in art, as well as raise brand awareness for yourself as a local artist.

Students are amazing at sharing on social media, so use this to your full advantage. 

The key to this strategy is providing value through learning, so make sure that you are ready to commit some time to perfecting your workshop. 

Also remember not to overdo it. You still need to make money from your artwork, so if you can only afford to visit two schools per month then limit your activities to support this. 

Becoming a well-known local artist 

Getting involved in the community and putting your artistic stamp on community projects will assist you with getting your name to resonate within your local area.

Community events are again, fantastic PR opportunities, so getting involved in the right way also gives you the chance of your picture or name in the local press.  

Get in touch with your local community centres, councils, charities and activity groups and learn about what’s going on in your home town, then find a way to get involved!  

It’s that simple, be brave and get your work out there! 

art gallery marketing

Marketing your artwork offline 

A good mixture of online and offline marketing can work wonders for artists who want to expand their business or network.

However, many artists might shy away from the concept because it is a lot more out in the open. 

Face to face marketing or dealing with people can be a little scary at first for any business owner, let alone for the introverted artist, however, with a little bit of practice, anyone can improve their offline marketing strategy to help grow their confidence alongside their business.  

Often, your magnificent creations speak for themselves, so don’t be afraid to be bold and think outside the box to make an impact.

If you don’t feel like you can tell people what you do, show them! The effort that you put in to create a lasting impact with your local area will turn into your recognition as an artist. 

Building awareness of yourself and your work is just as important as making sales and will have a positive impact on your bottom line in the long term – Offline marketing is a great way to achieve this.“   – Patrick Redmond, Your Art Empire 

We hope that this list of places where you can market your offline will give you the inspiration and confidence that you need to take your creations into the real world.  

Good luck!