Build your art empire. Overcome the obstacles and achieve your dreams. This ebook is the blueprint for the next step in your  online art journey.


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The Artist Behind The Empire

Years ago when I began my journey into developing a business from my art, I never knew just how successful I’d become. Sell Art, Make Money: The Blueprint does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve collated all of my successful strategies for selling my art into one easily digestible book so you can take control of your artistic empire, once and for all.

- Patrick Redmond

Readers say

Tamsyn White
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“I was stuck and close to giving up before I gave The Blueprint a go. It completely changed everything for me.”
James Craig
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“I went from knowing nothing to feeling like I knew it all after reading The Blueprint. I couldn’t recommend it more.”
Steven Davis
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“The Blueprint armed me with all the tips and tricks I needed to build a successful business for my art. It’s a game-changer!”

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